Free Poker Tips

Free Poker Tips


Today, I tend to stick to playing poker online for free, but years ago one night during a poker tournament, I had the chance to win an event and some money. When the smoke cleared, it was two or three, and I paid my $ 1,000 in prizes. I felt good, but I had a little problem. Even if I stayed at the Four Queens, I’m not sure there. I, however, have one in the shoe, which lasts throughout the year. It saved me time and difficulty to obtain insurance every time he played in a tournament at the various casinos in Las Vegas.


So, I do not want to be around $ 1,000 in my pocket, I knew I was crossing the street to the Horseshoe to put money in my drawer. Nowadays, that would not be a problem, but as I said at that time was a lot of unwanted people live Downtown, and let’s just say there was little or no security.


I do not think much of it until I hit the street. I realized how dark it was, and with the street completely torn, there were virtually no cars and no people either. In addition, there was a light mist falling. I was tired and I thought, “Oh, what it is right across the street -.. Less than a block away” So I started my trip short.


This was the point I wish I was playing poker online for free instead of being on the street like a madman!


Just as I approached the corner, two major types of fierce came around the corner. Both brought bottles of beer and seemed to be very drunk and looking for trouble. As soon as I saw, I knew what was coming. I was sure they were on the prowl, or alms, so that no one else around, maybe something even worse.


As I continued to walk, they approached me as if they were going to block what was left of the sidewalk.


When they came within feet of me, one guy asked, “Hey, you have some money?”


Now I think if I were honest, I would have said: “Well, yes, a matter of fact, I just won a big poker tournament, and is about $ 1000 in your pocket is $ 2 is enough?” But instead, I stopped and said very loud and powerful voice, “Hey, do not! Me I’ve just lost $ 25 in there!” They both looked at me and we parted as the Pussycats When I walked right past them.


After a walk in (and completely **** ping me) I turned around and yelled some more comments. It was a great spur to bluff-the-moment. Oh, I could say: “I have no money,” or a dozen other excuses, but I do not think any of them would have worked just as good as what I done. The bottom line is that these guys did not belong to a guy who could be angrier than losing $ 25.