Life of Gambling

A story by St.Anger


I am 43 years old and have been gambling since the age of about 17. At that age I played blackjack quite often, mostly home games with friends. I used to ride my bicycle about 3 miles every Friday night to the game. It was change games and I often won 20 bucks or so. I slowly began playing the old school poker, 5 card stud etc. at some games, was winning pretty regularly with this.


In my 20’s started playing games anywhere I could find them. I would play two or three times a week. I didn’t care whether it was blackjack or poker, I just loved to play.

I was involved in several games where there were computers, guns, etc. in the pot because someone had come up short. It was a great time. I would hit the pubs often and usually find a game or two there. When playing these you had to be careful, because you really didn’t know the people you were playing against. There were a few tense situations, but I came out alright. I could run pretty fast and had a hopped up Nova.


In one particular game, when I was 33 years old, I won a 1966 Mustang coupe. I had four 5’s in my hand, and had all my money in the pot. The opponent ran out of money and couldn’t match my raise. So I agreed to the car. It was a little rough but definitely restorable. I won, beat his 3 aces, and I still own the car, unrestored still.


Life of GamblingI started playing online poker about two years ago. I had pneumonia and was bored to death sitting around the house for 2 weeks. I downloaded Party at that time and have since left it for Poker stars. I have lost more money online than in the previous 2 decades. It is a tough go, this online poker. I read that 99% of the online players lose money in the long run. I believe it.