Other Basic Strategies For Blackjack


Other Basic Strategies For Blackjack

Read on to discover what these systems consist of blackjack and how to use them to practice at least a basic blackjack strategy that is a basic strategy to disrupt opponents. If you follow this guide, you will come more easily to victory in the hands of blackjack, whether you play in the casinos is that you play online. Also, be sure to check out our resources about card counting and other advanced blackjack strategies. Try our online strategies of blackjack! And then put it into practice with our free blackjack blackjack or by downloading the software from one of our recommended casinos specifically for this game.

The blackjack basic strategy consists in optimizing your chances of success when you have not seen any cards since the last time the deck has been shuffled. Examine the chart on the structure of the hand to see when it’s convenient to hit (hit) or when to stay (stick). The basic strategy of blackjack principal determines what should do when you have a hand between 12 and 16.




Players can “split” when they have a pair, or two identical cards. With this procedure, you create two hands starting from the original. This is done to add another sequel to hand. In this case, the dealer splits off (split) the torque and add another card for each of these, in order to create two separate hands.




If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, the player can make a side bet known as “insurance” or “insurance” to guard against the possible blackjack dealer. If the dealer has a blackjack, the insurance bet pays 2:1.




Another option in blackjack strategy that can be used is called “surrender” or “surrender” after the player receives his or her hand. He can recover half of your wager and stay out for the rest of the hand. This is a good tactic for situations in which the dealer shows something promising, contrary to what happens for the player.


Double down


The player, after receiving the cards, can “double down”, which is a type of game that doubles his bet before receiving one and the last card. The double down is particularly useful when your initial hand arrives to 11, since there is a high probability that the next card has a value of 10, thus reaching 21. In some casinos are planned double down bets smaller than the original wager in order to minimize losses. However, know that it is recommended to perform the double down in situations where you are almost sure of success.